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Crochet Square Coaster (Complete beginner)

  • Materials/tools: Medium weight cotton yarn, crochet hook (size 5), stitch marker, tapestry needle, ruler or measuring tape
  • Difficulty level: Complete beginner
  • US crochet terminology
  • Abbreviations:
    • sc - single crochet
    • st - stitch
    • slst - slip stitch
    • ch - chain


Make a slip knot.

Foundation Chain: Ch enough stitches to measure 5 inches. (Do not stretch the chain out to measure, just lay it down straight next to the ruler.)

Row 1: In the second ch from the hook, make 1 sc. Continue making sc for each stitch of the foundation chain until you have reached the last chain.

Row 2: Turn your work. Ch 1. Skip 1 st, sc into the next stitch. Continue sc down each stitch of the row.