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This is a placeholder until we have time to write the actual instructions. In the meantime, see Aaron!

Put on gloves and a mask!

You don't want to breathe in concrete dust as it can cause nose and throat irritation.

Prepare your space

You will need:

  • Concrete Mix
  • Water
  • Bucket
  • Mixing container
  • Mixing tool (shovel, hoe, spade, etc.)
  • Rubber gloves
  • Dust mask

Mix the concrete

  1. Pour the concrete mix into the mixing container reserving a few cups of dry mix in case the mixture gets too thin later on.
  2. Measure out a specific amount of water into a bucket (each concrete mix has different specifications for how much water is needed on the bag).
  3. Pour the water in the bucket into the opposite side of the mixing container as the concrete mix, saving about four cups for later use if needed.
  4. Begin mixing by pulling a small amount of concrete mix into the water and completely mixing it. Continue pulling small portions of dry mix into the water until all the water is absorbed into the mix.
  5. To finish mixing move to the other end of the mixing container and pull the mix back towards you making sure that every bit of dry concrete has been wetted. Continue mixing for a few minutes after all the water is absorbed as the mixture tends to become soupier as it is mixed and it may end up runnier than you'd like.
  6. To test if the concrete is the right consistency pull the mixing tool back towards you through the concrete. If the sides fall in towards the trench left by the tool it is too runny. If the sides crumble and fall in chunks the mixture is too dry. The mixture is just right if the sides hold their shape and do not have large chunks.
  7. After you've determined that the concrete is the right consistency it is ready to pour!

Pour the concrete


  • Pour concrete in warm dry weather. A temperature of 70° F or more for five days after pouring provides the best conditions for curing.
  • Pour the concrete when it is the consistency of peanut butter.
  • Try to pour as close to the center of the formwork as possible.
  • Once the concrete is poured level and finish it as quickly as possible before it sets.


Clean every tool immediately after use to prevent concrete from hardening on them and becoming hard to remove. Water used to clean concrete can kill grass and plants so don't dump it where you have plants.