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This is meant to be a central repository for all things microcontroller-related. Here you can find information about the kinds of controllers we have available in the makerspace, and links to detailed instructions for each. See the table below for additional information.

Name Description Voltage RAM Processor Speed Digital IO Pins Analog Input Pins PWM Pins Wifi? Bluetooth? Native USB? Arduino IDE?
Arduino UNO Basic beginner Arduino 5V 2kb 16MHz 14 6 6 x
Arduino Nano Small, basic Arduino 5V 2kb 16MHz 14 8 6 x
Arduino Pro Micro Small Arduino with configurable USB 5V 32kb 16MHz 20 7 12 x x
ESP32 WROOM Wifi and Bluetooth Microcontroller 3.3V 16Mb 240MHz 25 15 25 x x x
Heltec LoRa 32 (v3) Wifi, Bluetooth, Radio Transceiver 3.3V

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