Sewing Machine

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The Makerspace has a Bernina 1008 sewing machine.


fig. 1
fig. 2


  1. Place thread onto post and pull it through the metal slot on the top of the machine (fig. 1).
  2. Pull the thread down into the slit (fig. 1).
  3. Loop the thread around the metal below the slit (fig. 1).
  4. Pull the thread up and into the next metal element (fig. 1).
  5. Pull the thread down and underneath the metal wire (fig. 2).
  6. Thread the needle by putting the thread through the hole from front to back (fig. 2).
  7. Pull the thread through the slit in the foot so it goes through the hole in the foot (fig. 2).

Threading the Bobbin:

Loading the Bobbin: